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Everyone knows the standard line when it comes to energy saving. We’re told things like “don’t leave the television on standby”. But how do you know which energy saving tips work for you? With energynote, you get energy advice that’s tailored specifically for you and your home according to how you use your energy.

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How does it work?

Your geo energy display collects consumption data from your electricity meter or generation meter using a sensor. The sensor transmits this data to your geo energy display for you view instantly. Here’s where it gets clever. Your geo energy display connects to your energynote account through an internet bridge which sends your data securely to the cloud where only you can access it. Your data is analysed by energynote and from your account you can control the devices in your home connected to Smart Plugs.

Get a geo display

You can buy an energynote compatible energy display from the Green Energy Options online web store. Once you’ve received your display, register for an account at energynote.

Connect to energynote

Compatible displays come with a web pack containing an internet bridge. This connects your display to the energynote service where your data is held securely in the cloud.

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Once connected, energynote analyses and presents your energy data in a way that is simple to understand. You’ll be able to view this data and control devices from anywhere.

What else do I get?

Not only do you get personalised advice, through energynote you can also see the energy you consume, control the devices in your home from your smartphone and discover how to reduce what you spend on energy to save yourself money.

What do I need?

To set up your energynote account, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got an energynote compatible display from geo. You’ll also need an active internet connection and a spare Ethernet port on the back of your internet router.

To use the remote control functionality from your mobile, you’ll need an internet enabled Smart Phone.