Energynote Help

A list of frequently-asked questions about using Energynote.

On what devices or platforms can I access Energynote?

A. Energynote can be accessed from many internet devices:

  • From a computer (PC or Mac)
  • From a Smartphone (all major platforms are supported including iphone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry)
  • From a tablet or iPad
  • From other platforms with a browser

Energynote takes advantage of modern Internet Browsers on these devices to display the right amount of information on the display.

To access from your smartphone, simply type into the mobile browser and enter your login details. Energynote will recognise that you are using a smartphone and display information in an appropriate way. You can be connected to Energynote on your smartphone, computer and tablet at the same time.

Why have I not received the registration email after successfully registering?

A. The email may have landed in your junk mailbox. If you cannot find it in your junk mailbox there could have been a problem during registration. Please try this again here.

Why can I not generate the SecureCode on my display?

A. The SecureCode allows us to associate your display and bridge to your online account. If the SecureCode is not shown on your display when you have powered the bridge on as directed in the instructions there could be a communication issue between the display and bridge. If the connection status symbol on the display is flashing (like this: No-bridge connection symbol) the display cannot communicate to the bridge. This could be because of the following:

  • The bridge is out of range of the display. Try moving the two devices closer together and check to see if the connection status symbol becomes solid (like this: Good bridge connection).
  • The bridge is not paired to the display. Follow step 1.D on the initial setup page.
Why is there no data showing on my Home page or Devices page?

A. There are two main causes for this:

  • The bridge and display are out of range of each other or one or the other is turned off. Check they are both turned on and in range of one another.
  • The bridge cannot connect to the internet. Check your home internet connection and that connection from the bridge to your router is good. The status lights on your bridge will blink when it is connected to your router.

If there is data showing for your household consumption but there is a device in the Devices page that is not showing data this could be because the SmartPlug is out of range of the display or is turned off at the wall socket.

How do I see the history of my household consumption or device consumption?

A. For your household consumption you can view data for Today, Yesterday, last 7 Days and last 28 Days from the My Home page under What I’ve Used and What I’ve Spent. To cycle through the different periods click on:

For individual device/SmartPlug consumption, go to the Devices page and scroll down to the device you are interested in. To cycle between the data for Today, Yesterday, last 7 Days and last 28 Days click on:

Why does my SmartPlug not show up on the Devices page?

A. SmartPlugs will only show up on the Devices page if they are paired to the display. Likewise in the lower section of the display, only the SmartPlugs that are paired will be listed. If you need to pair a SmartPlug to the display refer to the user manual. If you do not have a copy of the user manual follow the link on this page to the online version.

How do I name a SmartPlug?

A. Giving a SmartPlug a name will identify the appliance attached to that plug and help you identify changes of behaviour for using that appliance which will help you reduce your energy consumption.

To set the name of the device, go to the Devices page of Energynote and select ‘Edit Device Type’ for the relevant Device. Once you have selected the most appropriate type, the device type will appear in Energynote as well as on your display.

The currency on Energynote doesn’t change when I set it on my energy monitor?

A. The currency on your Energynote account is set when you set your location when setting up your account. Currently, once this has been set it can’t be edited.


Further Help

For more detailed help with our in-home-displays you can take a look at our Support Page where you can download Quick Start and full User Guides.