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There are a number of geo displays that are compatible with energynote. Each and every one is designed to suit your needs, be it monitoring electricity consumption, solar PV generation or even water consumption.

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Energy displays are available to buy directly from the geo web store.

Electricity monitoring


The Ensemble is a multi-function energy display that provides a number of home energy monitoring and control functions.


Ensemble Colour

Ensemble colour

The same functions as the Ensemble but with a full colour backlit LCD display. Also comes with an additional Active Smart Plug.


Solo II

Solo II electricity display

The Solo II is the latest generation multi-function electricity display from geo, with full consumption and cost monitoring.

Buy now – £79.95

Microgeneration monitoring

Solo II (PV)

Solo II PV microgeneration / solar display

The Solo II has a special function that allows it to switch into a microgeneration monitoring mode. In microgeneration mode, the Solo II PV monitors generation and income.

Buy now – £99.95

Solo III

Solo III - microgen and import monitor

The Solo III is an advanced microgeneration smart meter with wireless hub for online and mobile access with optional display. It monitors microgeneration and electricity import for consumption, cost, income and savings information.

Buy now – £289.95

Optional Add-ons

Smart Plug

Smart Plugs can be added to your system to monitor and control the devices in your home (Ensemble Colour only), from your smartphone or desktop PC.

Buy now – £19.95

This is only compatible with our Ensemble Colour and Solo II (non-PV) products.

Temperature sensors

Compatible displays can pair up with temperature sensors to add another dimension to your energy data.

Buy now – £9.95