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Ensemble Colour

The Ensemble Colour is our complete-view in-home display that shows you how much energy you’re using in as much detail as you’d like to know. From the true price of a hot drink to the carbon cost of your washing, you can keep track of consumption, spend and environmental impact. Get the bigger picture of your energy use and drive down costs for good.

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Ensemble Colour


  • Stylish, contemporary design
  • See energy in cost, carbon and kW
  • Watch consumption against target
  • Keep track online and on your smartphone
  • View live, comparative and historical data
  • Understand complex information at-a-glance
  • Control home appliances remotely
  • With Smart Plugs, measure & control up to six appliances
  • Through energynote, access all data when away or on the move

Advanced control

Add Smart Plugs and you’ll be able to monitor and control up to six individual appliances at any one time. Spot trends, identify overspend and even schedule times for your appliances to switch on and off whether you’re at work or on the move.

See your energy

The Ensemble Colour helps you manage energy consumption through a simple and effective graphic interface. The speedo shows how much energy you’re using right now and the fuel gauge shows how you’re performing against budget.

Explore your habits

The milometer shows how much energy you’ve used compared to the last day/week/month all shown in carbon, cost and kW. Spot trends and weak spots – eliminate bad habits and keep costs down.

Analyse your spend

With optional Smart Plugs you can monitor how much individual appliances are costing you whether on full power or standby. Using energynote you schedule the times you want your appliances to be on/off.

System requirements

To get your Ensemble Colour up and running with energynote, you will need: